At ChopperDetailing.com we are dedicated to providing superior Detailing services to the owners and riders of "thundering works of art" (also-known-as "custom and performance-production motorcycles"). It's simple - - You provide us with the motorcycle and, by applying our proven 7-step hand-cleaning process, we return it back to you as a custom caringly hand-cleaned, polished & sealed motorcycle, ensuring that you receive the highest quality cleaning and protection.

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We are located in Savannah, Georgia,  and provide our specialized individual hand-Cleaning, Polishing and Protection  services through several shops, including a new setup at Low Country Customs of Garden City and for  individuals living, working or visiting along coastal S. Carolina and Georgia. Stop by Low Country Customs at 1025 US Highway 80 or you can call at  (912) 964-4422.

ChopperDetailing.com is pleased to offer highest quality Detailing services at Renegade Classics of Savannah. Renegade Classics is located on I-95 @ Exit 90 - - 1 block east behind the Shell station. You can stop by there to arrange an appointment for detailing, or you can call them by phone at 912-756-6841. You can also see them on the web at www.renegade-classics.net


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This Site Is All About You and Your Motorcycle.

This site, the newsletter and our service, are all committed to providing you both quality care and qualified information to better enable you to cost effectively keep your bike in premium long-lasting condition, a bike that you can ride with pride.

Every Detailer at Chopper Detailing.com is personally experienced with:
American Ironhorse, Bourget Bike Works, Martin Brothers, Big-Dog, Titan, Harley-Davidson, Victory Motorcycles, Jailhouse Choppers, and many others.

We're eager to Clean, Polish and Protect your valuable pride-and-joy, and we look forward to seeing you and your "ride" real soon!

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